European Board Examination in Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery by the UEMS - ORL Section
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   Format and specifications of the written exam
FORMAT: Multiple choice questionnaire with 100 questions.

LANGUAGE: The exam will be held ONLY in English

DURATION: 3 hours.

FEE for the EXAM: 500 euro

PRE-EXAM EXPLANATORY SESSION: A pre-exam explanatory session will be held before the exam. It is not compulsory, though recommended, to attend this session in order to have a good knowledge of how this exam works.

The European Board exam consists of TWO PARTS:
  • PART I: Written exam with 100 multiple choice questions. Only one answer is valid. No negative markings for incorrect answers.
  • PART II: Oral exam to complement the written part. Only those that have successfully passed part I are eligible to sit part II. The first oral exam was held successfully on the 1st September 2010 in Vienna.

Candidates who have passed the part I (written) and II (oral) and are specialists according to their national boards in their home countries are “Fellows of the European Board of ORL-HNS” (FEBORL-HNS), both from EU- or non-EU-countries.

Other successful candidates (not certified as specialists yet) will receive a "Diploma of the European Board of Otorhinolaryngology".


  • NO personal items such as electronic devices, books, papers, notes, briefcases, PDA´s... are allowed in the exam room.
  • NO mobile phones are allowed in the exam room
  • Candidates cannot leave the room taking a sample of the exam with them. The examination contents are confidential. Unauthorized possession, reproduction, copying of any examination material before, during or after the exam will be appropriately handled by the examination committee and could mean the invalidation of the exam for such candidate. Other future actions may be considered

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