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Welcome to the e-lefENT Project!!!

We are delighted to collaborate with EBORLHNS to provide an e-learning resource for ENT.

We hope that you will find the materials and interactive sessions of value in the preparations for the EBORLHNS. Many of the sessions have been developed to compliment the Intercollegiate Specialty Curriculum of the UK and are closely aligned to the curricula of the EBORLHNS.

The format of the Clinical Image challenge section is an example of the style of the Oral Guided Questions, the information found in the learning Zone sessions is designed to evaluate knowledge application and provide a framework for the management of all common ENT conditions, there are also specialist sessions which may well deliver more detail than is required.
The Guidelines section provides a wealth of evidence based guidelines on the management of ENT Conditions published in the English language, whilst they may be very relevant in the UK they are not necessarily applicable to individual countries where loco –regional legislation may apply. It is intended that candidates will engage with these materials in such a way as to inform their learning and provide decision support in the delivery of safe high quality care in Otolaryngology.

We hope you enjoy using this resource.


Victoria Ward
Editor in Chief e-lefENT Project
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